The fourth variant comes only 14 days after the third fell on July 7, 2014. By many accounts beta 4 is processed and far more secure than preceding programmer constructs.

Among the most visible new attributes is a first-party program called “Tricks” that was first mentioned at WWDC but had not been contained in any of the three preceding betas. Get new tricks from Apple weekly.” After clicking on “Begin Learning” Hints requires users through a tutorial about new iOS 8 attributes. There are six in it’s first embodiment suggestions contained with the program:

Promptly reply to your telling – The best way to respond straight in the telling

Notify me when a response – About the new telling feature for significant e-mails of Mail

About the new, handsfree, voice activation characteristic of Siri

Send a message that is spoken – Messages’ new sound messaging attribute

Fast handle your email – New swipe gestures mark to flag, delete messages, and read

Be within the picture –

Besides the Hints program that was new, Control Center was given a significant redesign that’s less irregular, consistent with the remainder. The Control Center that is revised loses the black edges formerly discovered around the icons and turns the white when activated.
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Six Clicks:

Based on a MacRumors post (and an increasing newsgroup thread), iOS 8 beta 4 transferred Brightness & Screen settings out from under Background to its origin level setting and added choices to correct display brightness, text size, and bold text.

Settings “>> Messages has a new “Keep Messages” choices that let you define the length of time you would like to keep Messages. Eternally is the default option and alternatives are contained for 30 days and 1 year. Clicking on the latter two choices displays a warning dialog that preceding messages (including people that have attachments) will be deleted.

Clicking the microphone icon on the computer keyboard (for text to speech) in the Messages program now transcribes spoken text on the fly (streaming) rather than waiting until you are finished ordering to transcribe your words. IOS 8 beta 3 added the Mail program and voice transcription streaming yet it is the very first time it is been accessible in Messages.

IOS 8 beta builds should not be installed on generation devices and are intended for programmers to examine their iOS programs.

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